When someone dares to talk, it’s the same as confession. By confessing one can know himself. By knowing himself one can know others. By talking about ourselves we talk about our generation. It’s an endless way from self-actualization to knowing others. It’s like vicious circle. Our goal is – to open the circle, to start talking in straight theatre language, by using it’s unique rules. We are ready to talk about the others and ourselves, to heal and be healed by theatre.


In 2002 LithuanianAcademy of Theatre and Music gathered a group of students to become actors in Keistuoliu theatre. The tutors of the course were prof. Vladas Bagdonas and director Aidas Giniotis.

Within the four years of work and creation a new sense and vision of theatre was born. It was an essential foundation for establishing a new theatre for youth in Lithuania.

In 2006 a new theatre, called Theatre laboratory OPEN CIRCLE, was established.

In 2008 the students graduated the academy and got theatre Master’s degree.